Reinforced Concrete. Up to 5 floors.

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TQS is a software for structural design of reinforced concrete buildings. It is composed of a set of systems that, in a fully integrated and automated way, provide the necessary resources for the structural design, structural analysis, designand detailing of reinforcements, generation of drawings until the generating of plans.

TQS makes the design of structural buildings a highly productive process and has a direct impact on the quality of projects. It allows full compliance with the requirements of the ABNT technical Norms and the compatibility of the structural model within a BIM process.

The EPP package is intended for the design of small structures (up to 5 floors).< /p>

The structure may not be large. But we regard it as if it were gigantic.

Access the digital folder below to know the main characteristics of the EPP packages.

Folder Digital dos pacotes TQS EPP


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